Is it just me, or is that handy-dandy Flickr Widget supposed to show the most recently uploaded photos in your Flickr account? If that is what it is supposed to do, then . . . I’m mad at it because it isn’t working properly for me. If, on the other hand, it has an entirely different purpose, would someone please enlighten this foggy brain of mine? Pretty please? *glares at Widgets in general*

On a more on-topic note, I flopped a skirt today. Yes. It actually isn’t entirely flopped, but . . . it certainly isn’t going to be listed in my store with the way it turned out. So, anyone interested in a nice polka dotty new skirt? (I don’t think it will fit me, although I will say that I’m going to exert every thing I’ve got in order to be able to fit in it, because it is adorable!)

Sneak Peak!

And, quickly, before I have to leave for work: Please do go check out my new Etsy Store! I’m having such fun getting it started, although, I have wild mood swings into the depths of despair because I can’t bring my ideas to fruition like I want to.

While you’re checking out my store (because I have such faith in you that you actually will! ;) ) a good friend of mine, Abby, also has an Etsy which she is in the beginning stages of getting up and running, as well. She’s already made it on the front page! Go check out her amazing and adorable designs!

And now it’s off to work for me…

4 thoughts on “

  1. Maybe there’s just a slight delay in the time it takes to update in your sidebar. :) It seems to be showing your most recent photos now….

    Woo! You’re awesome! Yay for your Etsy store and craft blog!


  2. Gosh, that fabric looks so much like frog eyes. It’s creepy.

    Just kidding. I totally swooned when I saw it – I adore polka dots! I want to see a full picture of the skirt, even though I’m certain it’s absolutely the adorable-st skirt ever. You think it would fit me? *g*

    I’ve got to say, those embroidery floss pictures are gorgeous.

    And aww, thanks for the plug, m’dear! *girlish wiggle*

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your’s is off to a great start. And…I have the same Flickr widget and it IS supposed to do that but takes it’s own sweet time updating some days I’ve noticed. Sigh. Good luck with your shop, I can’t wait to see more!


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