“We live, we love.”

What ho, my dear readers (which I think there is an uncanny lack of :P )!

Yes, I realize that some of those photos over there in my Handy Dandy Flickr Widget (which I figured out was just slow, but was actually working properly) aren’t exactly “crafty” pictures, but I thought it would be fun to give at least a little bit of an insight into my daily life so my newer readers can get to “know” me a little better.

Yesterday morning I worked until noon and was supposed to come home and finish up a paid sewing job and then work on a birthday present (out of the lovely turquoise corduroy!), but instead, I went with Mom to take Grandma back to the airport after her two week visit here in Colorado. Bex and Angela went along as well and after dropping Grandma off we headed for downtown Denver. Bex and Ang had never really been in downtown so we decided to make a “girl day” out of it. First we stopped by Chili’s for a bite to eat…

This is Yours Truly and her Mummy at Chili’s. (I know the quality of the picture is awful, but, so be it.)

I acquired an adorable new short-ish denim skirt, a pair of plaid capris (squee!!), and a short-sleeve hoodie which you will see a corner of pictured later on in this post. It’s adorable.

Last night when we got back from Denver we had to go directly to a surprise birthday party for one of my coworkers. I didn’t take any pictures, but I snagged Bex’s camera and found a few on there. This one kind of shows where I work.

The Ice Cream Shop. (See the corner of my new hoodie? Cherries!)

Day before yesterday we went on a picnic…remember the one I mentioned? Well, here is photographic evidence of it. Kind of. I guess it’s more evidence that I look strange (and I actually hate the picture), but…I was told to post it. :P

(Ugh, why are all the pictures so small?)

And, today I got up and realized that I had to have that sewing job which I was suppose to do yesterday afternoon done by tonight–and I had an appointment and had to work this afternoon/evening. So, before even getting dressed I was scrunched over the sewing machine…thankfully all I had to do was add several yards of trim.

And, there you have it. I probably am not going to get around to making that birthday gift until next week after the ruckus of the wedding calms down and we don’t have company anymore, but…rest assured that you’ll see lots of pictures (if it turns out)! :)


2 thoughts on ““We live, we love.”

  1. You have no idea how happy a new post makes me. *nods* I wasn’t going to mention it, because I don’t want to seem like a total creeper, but on reflection it’s just because I don’t have a life, and must live vicariously through other people. :P

    (because that’s so much less creepy. *lol*)

    That hoodie is just…gah. I want it.

    The sneak peek is gorgeous! And I can’t wait to see pictures of your next project. :)

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