..are horrible things.


I mean, they’re a part of life. And a necessary part of life, that. (I mean, can you imagine if no one had any emotions at all? Can we say “dull”?) But, still, how about everyone else have emotions and not me?

I go through these roller-coaster rides of titanic proportions with my emotions. I can wake up one morning and be absolutely bright and chipper . . . and by the end of the day I’m in a state of depression and my cheeks have veritable ridges carved in them from the tears coursing down my cheeks. I hate it. I hate myself when this happens.

In other news, I’m rereading A Tale of Two Cities and loving it as much as ever.

One thought on “Emotions…

  1. Wow, I didn’t realize you actually used this thing! At one point I checked all the time, but there was never anything here, and I gave up. Now there is so much! I wish I’d known about it. I hope you can still go to Greece! *fingers crossed*

    I hate emotions, too. But then I love them. Yours don’t sound like the lovable kind, though. You know… sometimes, I wish I could just shove this computer away and writing away, and in personness away, just shove EVERYTHING away. I love words, but sometimes they are the most useless things in the world. I just want to crawl inside your heart and make myself cozy. To know and be known.

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