…of big changes, Neighbors, and boys.

::Item Of Importance #1::

*warbles* “The girls are back in town!”

Yes. Abby and Rissa are now residing with Bex and I in a Small White House in the center of town. We get along charmingly, excpet when cheese is mentioned.

::Item Of Importance #2::

Rissa is a blast to live with…really. I won’t tell you about half the things she does, but…it involves exploding things in the kitchen. I think she’s an aspiring scientist. I’m considering calling her Frankenstien. *nod* Also, I just have to add that it totally made my entire week when she told me this morning that she “likes my friends”. Also not to mention that she is adorable cute. I mean . . . I guess I did mention it, after all.

::Item Of Importance #3::

Abby has quite changed the dynamics of the town of Loveland. The males of the species have taken to walking into light poles and such things. And pacing back and forth, back and forth, in front of the same certain Very Large window in a down-town coffee shop. One has to assume that this strange behaviour had at least a small amount to do with the fact that Abby was sitting directly opposite this Very Large window.

::Item Of Importance #4::

The guys from North Carolina have come! Rissa’s constant comment about them is: “Well, they’re definitely guys.” It’s true . . . and I’m going to miss them horribly when they leave. I’m still trying to decide whether or not I’m going to actually go snowboarding with them on Tuesday, but I sure want to! They’re a blast. The memories of watching them hang our corkboard are forever etched in my mind. *nod*

::Item Of Importance #5::

We have Neighbors! Yes. With a capital “N”. Some friends of ours who we’ve known for quite some time happened to have the opportunity to rent the house directly across the street from us. Their last name is Neighbor . . . so they are our Neighbors in more ways than one. ;-) There are approximately ten girls that always hang out at the house there (including the four of us) and it’s really quite a riot. Brownies are a staple in our diet, anymore.

::Item Of Importance #6::

After a very significant and successful bribe from Rissa, I will be calling about the internet tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll be online without having to trek down to the coffee shop and spending our hard earned money on lattes just so we can use the free wi-fi. One has to wonder if Rissa’s urgency has anything to do with . . . well, I won’t say that. *g*

::Item Of Importance #7::

It is snowing.

::Item Of Importance #8::

14 of us went bowling last night and then went to the Neighbors’ house for, you guess it, brownies. We stayed up until 2:00. I even got to do DDR again. It hurt like the dickens, but . . . it’s just so fun! Yes. I’m obsessed. So sue me. Rissa says DDR is lame. So sue her, too.

::Item Of Importance #9::

As mentioned earlier, we have a cork board! This is a very significant thing, you see. Very. 

::Item Of Importance #10::

I love the Bible Study we’ve been having on Sunday mornings at Mom and Dad’s house. Very inspiring. Very fun, even. I mean, honestly . . . if I can go to bed after 2:00am and still get up bright and early to go to it . . . it’s got to be good. ;-) It was especially fun to have extra people there this morning!

::Item Of Importance #11::

I have black wellies with white polka-dots. They are pink inside.

::Item Of Importance #12::

I still adore Abby’s giggle. She’s so fun. I frequently consider hating her for how cool she is, but . . . I really can’t. 

::Item Of Importance #13::

This article involves cuddling . . . but, I’m really not going to go into it because I don’t want to creep out my Very Large Readership Of This Blog. (Ha, right.)


::Random Quotes::

“I’d like to go to BadWord in a handbasket!” ~m

“You can kill them….but they don’t really die.” ~b

“You don’t know where that thing’s been!” ~m 
“What thing?” ~a


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