Oh no!

I is very sick.

Perks to being sick:

  • I get flowers delivered to me
  • People bring me anything my little heart desires (like when I have a serious raspberry deficiency late in the evening and I just know that it is worsening my condition, Rissa brings me raspberry slushies. *adores her roomies*
  • I can at least say I’m not a failure–I apparently successfully get any and every virus that drives by, whether on my street or across town. Even things that aren’t contagious. You just try and call that “failing”!
  • I can’t eat, and am thus losing weight.
  • I can’t talk very well because my throat is so swollen. This doesn’t make me very happy, but I’m sure it’s doing wonders for the rest of the household. *g*
  • Abby brings me Very Large Bouquets of Balloons
  • Being “too tired” is an acceptable excuse
  • If I don’t like something I’m not obligated to eat it
  • I get the comfortable chair (aka “Mom’s Chair) Geez…is this making me sound *gasp* spoiled?
  • I get lots of encouraging notes. More than the average “normal” person.
  • I get to lay in bed when other people are at work

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