Life is good..

…and unexpected.

Bex and I bought airplane tickets to fly to the wedding we’re both bridesmaids in in North Carolina. It’s coming up! I get to see all of my old friends, meet new people, be a bridesmaid, pester Hillarey and Gabe. 

Life is going well at the Little White house. We are becoming widely known for our fascination with cheese. So much so, in fact, that people gift us with Very Large Bricks of cheese as thank-you gifts. We will forever be indebted to the unnamed party who bestowed such a valuable gift on us in return for our hospitality.

I’m on my third round of antibiotics now. Blah. I’m convinced that I’ll end up being thoroughly allergic to antibiotics and my kidneys will suffer failure and I’ll die. But, that’s just because I’m being pessimistic about it. I figure, what better thing to be than pessimistic? I’m either glibly right…or pleasantly surprised. 

(I’m actually not pessmistic really at all… ;) )

I love how the weather changes here in Colorado. I’m entirely ready for it to be spring, but I’m still enjoying the random bursts of winter. It’s been fairly nice–blue skies, sunny days spent reading on the porch, robins on the window sill–but just last night it grew very cold and the wind was blowing all day. Then it started snowing. The wind was blowing enough that it was actually snowing up…and sideways…and down…and back up. Bex and I squealed our way across the parking lot when we had to run some errands. On our way back out we stood in the doorway of the grocery store and whined for a few minutes about having to go back out. But…today we woke up to sunny blue skies again. 

I hate being confused about what to do. What decisions to make, what to say, what not to say, what to pursue, what to give up. I’m still such a confused little girl who is scared of the Big World.

I want to make macaroni salad, but I can’t quite get up the urge to actually go do it. Why, yes, I am lazy..why do you ask?

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  1. Buttercup! You posted! *happy*

    The world would be pretty boring, I think, if there wasn’t ever any confusion about what choices we had to make. It would be pretty much perfect…and only God is perfect. ;)

    *love and cheese*

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