She smiled

She smiled at me today.

That girl at the store smiled at me. I had seen her coming and knew in my mind that I was going to ignore her. She was rough and hard–not the kind of person I like to be around.

The girl with the blue streaked hair, cigarette in her mouth, and chains hanging all over her body smiled at me as we passed in the aisle. She looked unkempt and harsh and I knew she was already thinking of me as just another one of the goody-two-shoes who daily look on her with scorn.

Even subconsciously I was thinking of her with pity and disgust; I was ready to despise and ignore her. 

Then she smiled. At me. A genuine smile peculiarly devoid of hate.

I reeled as realization hit me. What right had I to despise another human? A human worthy of the love and respect of even the Lord–not to mention another human made of the same dust of which she was formed.

I want to smile first next time.

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