• Went to bed at 1:30am after picking up my brother from the airport in a free limo!
  • Got up sometime in the morning and promptly crawled right back into bed and took a nap.
  • Went out to Windsor with Mom, Abby, and Bex to make 16 beds.
  • Went to Ben’s graduation and played several hectic games of volleyball.
  • Ended up with very dirty feet after the previous bullet.
  • Came home from the graduation and went outside and played cowboys and indians with my roommates.
  • Got stabbed in the neck with a stick.
  • The cowboys and indians eventually turned into more of a cops and robbers thing and we were going to investigate what we were sure was a drug deal site.
  • The drug bust then morphed into something more of an alien type thing.
  • We quit the alien invasion thing and played Simon Says instead.
  • Came in and ate a bite of food (and pretended to be squaws while making it).
  • Went to Penguins with the roommates and met several friends there for an evening of games.
  • Came home and went to bed.

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