So, you have some options.

I just got back from a trip to NY and PA and have lots of stories to tell. Some exciting, some funny, some dull and boring, some long, some short . . . many varieties of stories, in fact

Because I have such a verbose way of writing, I shall just make a table of contents of story titles, and you can choose which ones you’d like to hear most. That way I won’t have to spend the next two weeks writing them all out. (Especially since I just found out that I work the next 8 days in a row–possibly more. *dies*)

So, without further ado I present to you the table of contents for My Trip To The East.

In which I am kayaking and surrounded by Many Motorboats.

In which I find a mouse in my suitcase.

In which there is a medical emergency on my flight home.

In which we persuade a local ice cream shop to open at 10:30 at night just for us.

In which I help replace a well-pump.

In which I meet Kurtis.

In which I meet a friend I didn’t previously know was a friend.

In which we get a surprise visit from the newlyweds.

In which it rains on the wedding day, and the boathouse is transformed into fairyland.

In which God answers prayers in very visible ways in my life.

And . . . hopefully that’s enough options for now? ;-)

4 thoughts on “Stories!

  1. Lets see… seeing I already kinda heard a couple of them… I vote the Well Pump, Meeting a Friend, and Finding a Mouse.
    :waits expectantly:

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