I shoot thee.

  • Abby is one of the coolest people ever.
  • We went to a dance this past week…totally put  me in the mood for dancing again!
  • I’m starting a new job this Monday–nanny to the Ludy family! I’m so excited.
  • Abby can’t wait until she can drive her car.
  • Rissa is pretty much the bees’ knees. She came in to work an hour and a half early for me today! And she’s just a really cool person.
  • Bex did all my laundry for me today. I adore that girl. And not just because she does my laundry, either.
  • Colorado is very hot.
  • I don’t like it when people get upset at me.
  • I’d totally throw myself on a bee for you. Totally.
  • The Little White House Which Was Possibly Going To Be The Little Brown House was painted this week . . . and I’m happy to announce that it is still and just The Little White House.
  • My Daddy is the best Daddy.
  • I’m moving into a dorm room in a month. Send me lots of fun dorm room decor. ;)
  • I really want some brightly colored fresh salad right now.
  • Eric never ceases to inspire and encourage, uplift and convict at his conferences.
  • I love meeting new people.
  • The Little White House eats things. I kid you not. Eats them, I tell you! Positively inhales them.
  • One of my nephews got bit by a dog this week. Totally bit his face. Poor little Davy! He is ok now, though. :)
  • I wish I was an artist.

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