‘Twas The Day Before Thanksgiving

So, I went to Wal-Mart this evening. Yes, the evening before Thanksgiving Day. Not generally smart, but I managed to get there during a lull in the rush, apparently.

As I was wandering the toothbrush aisle looking for canned cherries, I heard some screaming snippets of a conversation from the next aisle over.

“I WANTED THE SPONGE BOB ONES! Next time, I’m getting SPONGE BOB. You can’t stop me!!! I WILL have Sponge Bob!!!”

I did not stop to inquire further, as I feel the point was already very clearly made.


It was a very, very contented feeling that washed over me when I noticed, in the midst of running desperately up and down the large center aisle looking for the sign that said “Canned Fruit”, that “Pickles” and “Tea” are listed on the same sign right next to each other.

All is as it should be.


I was attempting to make folded napkin turkeys this evening with which to decorate our table for Thanksgiving. I made a valiant effort and didn’t think it looked too awful (although, I will admit, it didn’t look anything like a turkey). Mom quickly vetoed the whole thing before I could start making any more.

“It looks like the Titanic as it’s in the middle of sinking.”


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