I’m Inspired.

I’ve had the urge to write again lately. Not novels, but true stories. True stories about my life. So, I’m going to attempt to regurgitate this blog–bring it back up from the depths of wherever it has been and chew on it for awhile.

And I TOTALLY have time to be writing and blogging. Totally. Ha.

I need creative names for my new writing spree blog, though. “Across Fields” doesn’t quite fit anymore (it’ll have to stay on the website url, but . . . ). I tried out “Polka Dotted Rowboat”, but . . . that makes it sound like I’m obsessed with polka dotted rowboats. I’m not.

This is where you can help. Tell me your ideas! Spread the word!

I plan to have lots of pictures on this here blog, too . . . so stay tuned. Fun times are looming on your Blog Reader’s horizon.

2 thoughts on “I’m Inspired.

  1. Hurrah! I’m a faithful blog reader. I like pictures.

    As for names… you could always steal my junk e-mail address name–panfriedchickenlips.

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