Frozen Dreamland?

I sit here in a cute little coffee shop. This coffee shop has a few pieces of really nice art. And a few pieces of really disturbing art. The kind of art that makes me want to go buy a new fuzzy sweater–for security. I’m here in this coffee shop drinking Chai.

I think that last sentence needs a disclaimer lest I lead anyone to believe that I actually like Chai. I hate Chai. At almost every coffee shop/restaurant/grocery store/house/gas station/tea house/every-other-place-I-have-ever-consumed-a-beverage, the Chai is fit only to ignored. But at this coffee shop? Chai is pretty much the reason I come here. I wish it wasn’t called Chai because I used to revel in the fact that I could say I hate Chai. I can’t honestly say that anymore. Unless I come up with a new name for this Fairy Dreamland Beverage which I am currently sipping. I think I might do just that–and then I’ll come in here demanding a medium Fairy Dreamland, frozen. (Is a frozen fairy dreamland an oxymoron?)

I had an interesting conversation with someone today. In that conversation I met my other personality. Her name, ironically, is Juliette. (Only a few of you will know why that is ironic. But it is.) She doesn’t like to be called anything but “Juliette”, because, supposedly, she is from Norway and she’s pretty sure she’s the only person in Norway named Juliette, so she wants every to fully appreciate it–thus, no nicknames. She doesn’t think very highly of Spanish Royalty, and thinks Matthew McConaughey is “creepy”. She does horrible things and tries to blame them on me. Horrible things like attempt to make my bed. Every day.

My life isn’t very conducive to blogging right now, so I’m not sure where this crazy idea to resurrect my blog came from. My life literally consists of sleeping, eating, mailing packages from the bookstore, answering emails, going to staff meetings, and making power-point presentations. Oh, and I do laundry when it becomes a matter of life and death. So not exciting.

But, I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible without blatantly lying. And now that I’ve met Juliette, she should help with that.

I’m considering having weekly things that my readership can look forward to. I don’t want them to just be “normal” blogger type things, though. Like “favorite links”. I want it to be a bit different. Give me your ideas!

3 thoughts on “Frozen Dreamland?

    1. Hey Adam! Great idea–I’ve pondered exactly how to write about my everyday life here as staff at Ellerslie and working with this ministry. It’s hard to put into words, but I do want to try writing more about that. Thanks for the comment!!

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