The Birth Of A Bear

My friend, Bex, decided that today was the day. Today was the day to meet her special new friend. Today a bear would be birthed into the world.

Building a bear (why yes, we did go to Build-A-Bear!) is not something to do without taking some things into careful consideration.

Does the bear feel right?

Does the bear match me?

Is the bear awkward to hug?

Does the bear like me?

When you find one that is not awkward, feels nice, matches, and likes you . . . grab him. Quick. And hold him tight!

Bear guts.

Every bear needs some brains . . . even though most can get by on very little.

He’s getting full!

Welcome to the world, Little Bear.

“Now, take one of those little bear hearts, there. Rub it on your heart and give it some love . . .”

“Squeeze it tight and make it warm!”

Ahh . . . Little Bear is birthed and ready for a bath.

Brush off all the extra fur sticking to him . . . (erm, hello, elbow.)

Oh, oh! I think we have a bear that loves baths! Tell me that face isn’t one of sheer delight.


Yes. Overalls would be perfect, thank you.

Oh! How . . . convenient.

Hat? No, thank you.

Hellooo, Handsome.

Birth Certificates are a must. What if he needs to get across the border and he has no birth certificate? He would be held for ransom. Or  . . . something.

Be still, my beating heart!

And now we’re off for a first car ride home!

Welcome to the world, Beauregard. I look forward to many more adventures with you.

One thought on “The Birth Of A Bear

  1. I love build a bear! My daughter and I do it once a year for her birthday! I think at this point since she is only two… it is more for me then for her… but I hope she will enjoy them for years to come! They are so fun! Love that store

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