Sugah, dahlin’ …there’ll be no more ‘o this.

I have something to confess: I have been very lax in my relationship standards in one of my friendships. I have not up up the boundaries that needed to be there. I have allowed far to much close proximity to happen. We have spent far too much time together . . . with others and alone.

Overall, I have really high standards in my friendships–especially in my friendships with anyone other than my own sex. But in this friendship, I have fallen short of my own standards. I’ll be the first to say that I am definitely not pursuing anything other than a platonic friendship in this situation . . . but I still get a rise out of being really close and buddy-buddy. I long for our times together when we’re apart. Up until now I have refused to give this up. But it must stop. I am going against my own convictions. I’m not going to give up the friendship forever, but . . . we’re going to take a break for awhile.

So, Sugar*, I’m not going to be hanging out with you anymore. My relationship with you is over until further notice.

* By “Sugar” I really do mean the actual little particles of sweetener which taste oh! so good. I do not mean “Sugar” as in a nickname.

I don’t know how long this separation will be, but . . . I think we need some time apart to reevaluate our relationship. I don’t need you and you don’t need me. I’ll check back in with you when I’m in a more stable condition emotionally where you’re involved. I’m just . . . too attached. I’m sorry.

This means that we won’t be going out for dinner anymore, Sugar.

We won’t be sneaking off alone.

I won’t be coming to you for comfort.

You won’t be feeding your ego by watching me flourish on your sweetness anymore.

It’s been nice knowing you, but . . . we’re done for now. I’ll talk to you later. Ignore me, please. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be. Don’t believe anything I say to you . . . if it’s nice. That’s just me being weak.

I know you’ll understand this because I know you only want what is best for me.

Don’t you??

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