Fun Stuff, Spring, and Sugar.

So, we didn’t make it. We were 6 views short of beating our previous record. (And, ironically, I’ve gotten all of one hit on my blog so far today . . . )

Poor readers. There will be no Fun, Crazy, Random, Cool Thing for you yet!

But, I love giveaways . . . and I have some nifty stuff to give away. Everything from souvenirs straight from Africa to original prints (taken by me . . . hee) to, um, some other stuff. ;-) So, I’ve decided to do some fun thing like that whenever this blog reaches a milestone–whether hits in one day/week/month, most comments on a post (from individual people), etc . . . and also, whenever I feel like doing one. Because I can make that kind of decision.

Did you know I’ve never ever won a giveaway in my entire life? Never Ever. I always manage to enter giveaways on these wildly popular blogs who get about 183,282,693.64 entries per contest. That’s why you 5 readers are extremely fortunate . . . odds are in your favor.

In other news, I’ve made it a whole day and a half without sugar. Not that that’s all that odd for me (at all)–I frequently go longer than that, just because I don’t happen to run into any sugar that looks appealing enough for me to ingest it. But . . . as soon as I can’t have sugar, I start seeing sugar that is awfully appealing. (Oh, hey! Maybe when I reach a milestone in how long I’ve been off sugar [this means you’ll have to keep me encouraged in it] . . . I’ll do something cool.)

I’m loving Spring. Tulips, daffodils, apple blossoms, green trees, green grass, fresh air, sunshine.

But I’ve been obnoxiously cold since last Thursday–not really sure why. I sat in the sun yesterday with my fuzzy blanket wrapped around my shoulders, trying to get warm. Rachel was sitting near me in her t-shirt and was plenty warm. When I finally gave up and went back inside, I had a tan on my feet . . . and I was still cold. It just ain’t right for me to be that cold. I’m never that cold for that long. Honest.

4 thoughts on “Fun Stuff, Spring, and Sugar.

  1. You crack me up! I have had a similar post with a giveaway to try and bring readers out with comments, so I knew who was viewing…I did get some comments, but not a ton ☺ I also had never won anything before I entered a comment on and won a book! Exciting stuff. And I tried the NO sugar thing and failed miserably…made it one day. I am a sugar addict. And thanks for the blog comment!

  2. I am fervently grateful that those are the only pictures you posted from that day. Fervently.

    Stay off sugar! Keep warm!


  3. Oh! However did you manage to slip into heaven for a moment to take those pictures??

    Did you know… I was making an apple pie for Thanksgiving a couple years ago, and when I was slicing the apples I noticed that some of the seeds inside had sprouted little white tails. So I planted them. They went through some accidents… my little brother knocked the little seedlings over when they were in the windowsill… and I was comforted by my dad with “they’re going to die sometime, Britt”. And they did… except for one. And that one is currently a two- (or three? I can’t even remember) year-old gangling apple tree, and it had THREE little blossoms on it this year that looked like these pictures. I do cherish that awkward little sapling…

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