Obnoxiously Hyper Shoes

It’s been raining lakes here lately.

Rainy days are happy days in my book. (Don’t get me wrong, though, nearly everyday is a happy day in my book!)

I ran over to the office (about 20 feet from my front door) and when I got there, there was standing water in my shoes. That’s a lot of rain for Colorado.

On rainy days, I wear my bright yellow ballet flats that scream “HI!!!!” at everyone they see. They’re like those obnoxious morning people who are bright and cheery first thing in the morning and no one else can figure out how they can be so obnoxiously hyper that early. Mhmm . . . my bright yellow ballet flats are obnoxiously hyper. Which is precisely the reason I wear them on dull, lifeless days.

What did I tell you? Obnoxiously hyper.

(Don’t mind my strange tan lines. Those are left-overs from my recent trip to Africa. I like them and cultivate them as a constant reminder of those beautiful dusty roads. Not really. But they do remind me of those beautiful dusty roads!)

The rain is making everything beautiful and green. Beautiful and green is always a good thing in my book. But, it’s definitely spring in Colorado–we’ve already had a couple tornado watches!

Ok, I’m thinking about having a support group of people who want to quit their relationship with sugar for awhile. I’ve taken the plunge. Will you? Aww…come on, join me!

I’m not sure if this will just be a “Hey, let’s go without sugar until we can’t stand it anymore and then splurge wildly!” type of thing, or if this will be a “This sugar is not good for me. I want to be a mature adult about it and take matters into my own hands and live a good long life without killing myself.” or if this will be a “I feel like going off sugar for awhile. It’ll probably make me feel better. Let’s see how long it lasts.” or it if will be a “I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT. HEEEEEELP MEEEEEE.” We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Obnoxiously Hyper Shoes

  1. You are adorbs. Totes. <3

    I like this blog. It was just what I needed after a very long day :)

    I love you. Like bunchels.

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