Crystal Light Lemonade

Did you ever wonder what it would feel like to be a jug of Crystal Light lemonade?

Yeah, me, either.

But, unfortunately, there was a large jug full of Crystal Light lemonade that wanted to know what it would feel like to be me. Sigh.

I have ingested more Crystal Light in the last three hours than any human should ever ingest in their lifetime. I vow I will never drink the stuff again. I’m sloshing. And I still have one large cup full of the stuff to drink. It is currently sitting on the counter next to me trying to beckon me . . . it isn’t working.  You know those people who try to be all cute and flirty and coy and it just comes across as disgusting? Mhmm. That’s what this cup of Crystal Light is doing. I’m sure of it. And, I find it disgusting. To see fake lemonade acting in such a loose manner. Revolting.

Also, I don’t appreciate the fact that the people I’m subscribed to on my blog reader are posting recipes. Recipes for peanut butter pie. Thanks for being thoughtful. I went off sugar last week and now I’m being forced to be on a liquid-only diet (thus the copious amounts of Crystal Light) . . . and I have to see pictures of utter decadence in up-close-and-personal detail. (Because of course I can’t stop reading my blog reader!) That pie looks just like something I’d like devour. I spent a good 2 minutes and 28.4 seconds drooling over it today before I forced myself to turn away and drink some Crystal Light.

(Rissy, you jinxed me. I’m losing a friend a day on Facebook!)

(Oh, and go check out the new pages. I wasn’t feeling so great while I was on my horrible liquid-only diet today, and I got all my other work done, so . . . I churned out a couple of new pages under “The Girl”.)

3 thoughts on “Crystal Light Lemonade

  1. Love the new look. And the new entry.

    Also hate the fact that I can’t even manage to write one teeny little sentence these days without having to go back and delete and/or fix something. Grr.

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