Things I’m Loving

Shampoo that stops my hair from looking like this.

My dear sweet Britt who I am loving having around for nearly two weeks!! It’s high time we finally met each other in person. :)

Working and spending myself right where I know God has placed me right now. Ellerslie.

Spending time alone with God–pouring into His word and learning more of Him. Worshiping Him. Becoming intimate with Him.

The lilacs that we have in a great abundance all over Ellerslie. The whole campus is bathed in their perfume–you can literally smell them almost anywhere around the dorms. I can frequently be found with my face buried deep in a cluster of them.

One thought on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Whoa, that startled the daylights out of me to see my face pop out at me as I’m just scrolling casually through my new google reader account! Now I feel famous or something.

    I cannot possibly thank you enough for inviting me to visit you and come to the conference. I was blessed beyond the ability of words to describe. And meeting my Gracie Girl was wonderful!! I think I might just love you to pieces.

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