Take What Comes

It rained today. A beautiful, perfect, wonderful, downpour-y sort of rain.

And, in other news . . . here’s a word dump for you which pretty much sums up my life recently.

Laughter. Hot days. Nannying. Organization. Tears. Meetings. Friends. Hugs. Strawberries. Time alone with God. Errands. Sunny days. Borrowed car. Pictures. Thinking about Africa. Laundry. Computer screen. Journaling. Phone calls. Prayer. Fellowship. Being stretched. Late nights. Bonfire. Worship. Assignments. Studying. Prayer. Cleaning. Singing. Trusting. Expectancy. Tea. Photography. Planning. Vitamin B12 shots. English Country Dancing. Heart-longings. Conference arrangements. Email. Learning. Curly hair lessons. Devotion. Smiling. Prayer.

(P.S. You’re welcome, Jade. ;-) )

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