Hello from Oregon!

That’s right. I’m in Oregon. I’m in a little Starbucks in the wittle-teeny town of …well….the town where my grandparents live. If you want to know what town it is, you can go getchurself a map of Oregon and stick your finger right in the middle of it. You’ll be squishing me.

Just a few little things:

1. I’m a bit annoyed.
2. but not too much
3. because I got a free coffee at this Starbucks just now.
4. sometimes I just don’t understand people and why they choose to do/get themselves into the things they do.
5. but then I think about number 3 again.
6. and then I’m not confused anymore.
7. and my tummy is then happy, too.
8. we are headed to my birthplace tomorrow.
9. and I’m going to attempt to visit the little girl my family was babysitting when I was born.
10. she was my best friend for a long time.
11. until we moved away.
12. I love the beach.
13. and starfish.
14. and taking pictures.
15. and meeting up with amazingawesomelycool people randomly on the beach.
16. I love laying on the floor in my grandparent’s formal living room with my quilt and my Bible and notebook.
17. my family makes me laugh.
18. I have lots of pictures to post when I get home.
19. hound me about posting them until I do.
20. and now I’m off to go spend time with my sweet Jesus who I fall more in love with every day.

See you when I get home!! (And I will be bringing epic news about myself and Facebook.)

One thought on “Hello from Oregon!

  1. Ummm, post those pictures when you get home!!!! And I can’t wait to hear the epic news and I miss you and I don’t want you to be gone anymore and,and, and….

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