The Untitled Poem

Do you hear the cry of my heart, God–
Do you hear its silent cry?
The ache which overwhelms threatens to unleash
The unshed tears that never reach the eye.

God Almighty
My King and Redeemer.
Endless swells of love and compassion,
Guidance and strength
From the fountain of His Spirit.
He is ever faithful!

Never quench this deep hunger,
This longing of soul.
To know You more deeply
To see You more clearly.
Release my tongue to tell
Of Your goodness, Your faithfulness.
Your promises unbreakable
To those who will stand.

These desires, these passions.
Is this my heart or Yours, beating in me?
The sweetness I taste of You while
On this earth
Is but a taste of the majesty
I will behold when on heavenly
Plains I walk.
I glory in You, Jesus, King of glory!
The quiet sanctuary of devotion
leaves no thought of danger or risk
in the life surrendered to You.
Make me bold to approach
The formidable lair of the enemy.
With You at my side,
I will not fall.
Risk is not risk, but a calling;
To save the distressed, to reach out,
To love the unloved, to wash the feet of the saints.

I love you, Sweet Jesus.

One thought on “The Untitled Poem

  1. Wow. Stunning photos Grace – I especially adore the macro of the pink flower buds. :) And dear lady, thank you ever so much for the sweet comment you just left on my blog – you’re da bomb, truly. And very inspiring. <3

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