Have you ever been in love?

Have you ever been in love? So overwhelmingly in love with someone that you wanted to spend all your time with that person, only thought of that person and what would bring them joy, and all you wanted to do was sit and talk to that person?

I have.

Have you ever been so excited about being in love that you talked of nothing else, you were interested in nothing but loving that person more, and doing all you can with each moment of each day to know them more intimately?

I have.

I have you ever been so broken over hurting that person you love so much? Fallen on your knees in utter agony over the way you know you have brought pain to that person because of your thoughtlessness? Realized that you have sinned against that person repeatedly–sometimes even knowingly? Wept over the fact that you have broken fellowship with the one you love so much?

I have.

Have you wondered if it was possible for your heart to love someone more than you do that person–and yet wrestled over the fact that you must hardly care about that person because you continue hurting them? Have you been willing to change your entire lifestyle and passions because of the desires of the one you love? Have you ever wanted to shout for joy because of a sweet hour spent with your love? Have you ever so desired that others around you experience the love that you do that you have literally cried over what you know they are missing?

I am.

The One I love is everything to me. My Love knows me intimately. He forgives me, He brings me back into relationship with Himself, even after I have betrayed Him. He is so precious to me that I can hardly put my feelings for Him into words. I would put aside everything else in my day, just to spend time with the One who is dearest to me. My desire for my whole life is that it be completely spent in bringing Him glory and honor. He is entirely sufficient every moment of every day–no matter what happens around me, I know that I am His and He is mine! I desire that everyone around me would realize that beauty of such a love as I have with my Sweet Jesus–I want to tell everyone I see!

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