365 a year.

Pictures, that is. I mean, days, of course, too, but . . . I’m venturing on a get-better-with-your-camera-by-doing-a-photoshoot-every-day-with-a-specific-purpose-in-mind spree.

Follow my photographic journey over at my Tumblr!

I, of course, decide to start the day after I’ve been slammed into bed with the stomach flu and thus have just about the busiest day ever because of the catch-up work I have to do. But . . . what better day to start perfecting something than today?

A bowl of fresh peaches, coming right up!

*edit* Sorry, folks, about the links. They’ve been fixed now!

3 thoughts on “365 a year.

  1. Hmm, the links aren’t working for me. I want to see!

    By the way, I was just thinking out-of-the-blue about the pictures you took when I visited you in May. Are those ready to send me yet? I’m not picky about whether they’re perfectly photoshopped. ;-)

    Feel better soon, Gracie.

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