Right Where I’m At

Sometimes I long to be back so much it hurts.

I can feel the red dirt on my feet–it seemed like it would never come off, and deep inside I wished that it wouldn’t.

I can feel those arms wrapped tightly around my neck–oh, that I would never have had to let go!

I can feel the damp heat. I can smell the laundry hanging on the lines. I can hear the large birds squawking in the trees nearby. I can hear the laughter of beautiful brown children. I can hear the boda drivers on the corner, hoping I’ll choose them. I can smell the market. I can hear the laughter and banter from the mamas. I ache to hold and love the dear street children with deep dark eyes.

I pray God will allow me the privilege of going back someday, but . . . today? I am here.

God has me right here and I am content.

I have realized that Africa isn’t the only place where there are people who desperately need love. It isn’t the only place where one can see God perform miracles. I don’t need to fly halfway around the world and be in less-than-physically-desirable conditions in order to grow closer to God. My relationship with the Lord should not and can not have anything to do with where I am in the world.

Because of my deep love for my Jesus, wherever I am, I am with Him. And I choose to always strive to bring Him glory–no matter the circumstances or situations around me! I choose to live for Him!

I love it right where I am.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t jump on a plane tomorrow and head back overseas if God so lead, though.

2 thoughts on “Right Where I’m At

  1. I’m sure you know that this is exactly where I’ve been at lately. I love reading your blog… I love seeing that the same God that is working in you is the same God that’s working in me… How wonderful it is to be united by the Spirit of Christ in us :)

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