Search Engine Terms

I have this handy little feature on my blog that tells me what term someone has typed into a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) and, through that search, found my blog.

I present you with the entire list, in ranking order, from the history of my blog’s Search Engine Terms:

ellerslie ludy blog
Ok, so this one is legitimate. I work at Ellerslie. I work for the Ludys. I blog. The Ludys work with Ellerslie and they blog, also. It all just works together.

watercolor vegetables
Have I ever once mentioned watercolor on my blog? I can see the possibility that I may have mentioned vegetables on my blog, but…I sure don’t expound on them at length. This baffles me. It is the second most popular search engine term used to find me. o_O

Aw. I yike seashells. But I do not blog about seashells. This one has been used the same number of times as “watercolor vegetables”. I think I need to contact Mr. Search Engine Person and tell him there’s a break in his system.
Sigh. Must I always live in her shadow?

christian quotes about life
I do have lots of christian quotes about life on here. I love me some good quotes from the “mighties” of the past!

pooh snow
Aw. Hi, Pooh-bear! What are you doing in the snow? And on my blog? Weird.

katsushika hokusai still life
Say, what?

hyper shoes
Aha! Another one that I know precisely why it is in the list. Remember this post? ‘Splains it.

peanut butter tastes like flowers
Ok, I know where the peanut butter came from. And possibly flowers. I have never once in my entire life said that peanut butter tasted like flowers, though. But it is a nifty thought, come to think of it.

watercolour nectarine
Again . . . I don’t talk a whole lot of watercolouring on this blog! I do appreciate this person, though–notice the british spelling! But . . . nectarines? Watercolour? Again, Mr. Search Engine Person might need to hear from me.

blue silhouette of african continent
I agree, I do talk Africa quite a lot here, so this one isn’t really surprising. The “blue silhouette” part gets me a bit, but . . . I choose not to stress myself about it.
No confusion here! At all.

Huh . . . must’ve been a tinyurl I did. At least I know this person was specifically looking for my blog and not something watercoloured.

jesus the prize of my life

silhouette of praise and worship
I’m really into the silhouettes here, eh? I learn new things about myself all the time!

images of little girls holding hands wal
I don’t have images of little girls holding hands doing anything. Let alone “wal”-ing. Whatever that is.

jugs of crystal light
Ah, yes. Good memories, much?

One thought on “Search Engine Terms

  1. funny! :) these make me smile. and…I’ve enjoyed your blog. somehow found you and found that you are at Ellerslie, and I’d wanted to be there the other week for the weekend discipleship conference…but after I signed up I couldn’t be there, so I was sad. but I was glad to find somebody who is there so I can at least pretend for now…haha.

    but really, I do appreciate your thoughts and the way you think and the way you live for Christ. thanks so much for being a blessing!

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