This whole past week at Ellerslie has been such a mix of busy-ness, fun, fellowship, sad goodbyes, new friendships, and bonding. The HSA Outreach Team came and volunteered a whole week of their time to help us rebuild the deck, paint the girls dorm (I got a green wall out of the deal!), switch out the lighting in the Keswick Center, install a drain, pour three new sidewalks, and build an beautiful cabinet/bookshelf/desk unit in the office–among many other things!

It was such a blessing to be around each one of them. Most of us came into it not knowing anyone else there, and left with some new and amazing brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you, HSA Outreach Team, for the amazing work that you all did! You definitely have to come visit again–each one of you!

In other news, life is a little less busy. Slightly. Only slightly. I had been two days into my 365 pictures in a year idea–and, then it kind of fizzled out because of sheer lack of time. I didn’t even pick up my camera once in the last week. (I miss you, dear Camera!) All that to say, I do fully intend to start up again. So, keep your eyes peeled for some updates on that page!

Also, be looking for a post entitled “Embrace Awkward”. Hopefully I’ll get it done soon.

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