I am falling more in love with my Jesus every day.

I so long to have a growl in my soul. A growl for HIS glory! Such a passion for my King that it cannot be silenced. That I would desire nothing besides Him. And that I could not go on complacently knowing that there are souls in this world who have never heard of the glorious matchlessness of my King–the Saviour of the world. That every moment of my life would be spent bringing Him the glory He is more than worthy of.

This is my desire . . . this is my deepest longing. I have chosen to give my life to the Lord to be poured out for His renown. Use me, Jesus. Give me that growl!

2 thoughts on “

  1. I think I’d love to meet you. :)

    I love this post, love hearing your thoughts and desires. Mine echo yours.

    May God continue to give grace… :)

  2. Grace… our spiritual lives are so in sync. ;)
    Ahh… this is something that God has been working in me as well. He has been speaking to my heart that every encounter is an opportunity to proclaim His name. He’s really been challenging me in ways to risk looking like a fool in order to spread His renown!

    “All you movements, your goings and comings, controlled by Me. Every walk arranged by Me. A blessing on all you do, on every interview. Every meeting not a chance meeting, but planned by Me.” (God Calling, Oct. 5th)

    Can’t wait to see you in a few days. Hopefully if you have time we can deep spiritual talks through all hours of the night ;)
    I love you!

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