10 Things.

In the last few days I have:

1. Listened to a 3 year old list her grievances against “That Boy”, her 5 year old brother. They included him telling her bad words and standing on her head.

2. Spoken disparagingly of mullets. Is there any other way in which to honestly talk of them?

3. Practiced finding dorsalis pedis pulses and tonsils on people in the local coffee shop.

4. Cried out to God  with a confused and broken heart, trusting and clinging desperately to the promise that He is faithful. Faithful always. Ever faithful.

5. Looked into the beauty of a night sky and lost my breath from the sheer glorious-ness of creation.

6. Eaten half a jar of peanut butter.

7. Learned how to do queued posts here on WordPress! Whoo. Now you will be receiving updates that I may or may not have written that day . . . because now I know how to write updates and have them automatically posted on a certain day in the future.

8. Been challenged to a contest of “Chubby Bunnies.” I have never lost in a game of Chubby Bunnies . . . but my doom may be coming any day now.

9. Tucked little notes under lots of doors . . . and received lots of little notes tucked under my door.

10. Fallen ever more in love with my Jesus. Every single day I realize my need for Him even more. Every day the desire to serve Him and bring Him glory grows. Every day I love Him more.

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