Of nose tubes and to-do lists

…Lay your stethoscope on the abdomen very lightly. Pushing abolishes the sounds. Listen for gurgling like that of your own abdomen during the moment of silence in church after you got up late and skipped breakfast…

This is a quote from my textbook for the class I’m going to be taking for the next two weeks. It made me laugh.

I am indeed going to be leaving on Sunday for a little over two weeks. I am sojourning to the east coast where I will be involved in an extremely intensive missionary medical course (MMI). Excitement is high on the list of emotions right now–although I’m a little scared, too, because I’ve heard horror stories of nose tubes. Not that long ago a Real Live Doctor tried to put a Teeny Tiny Scope down my nose. And utterly failed. Her comment after the whole Grace-freaked-out-right-there-in-the-office ordeal: “Good luck to anyone who ever tries to put a tube down your nose.” Well, that day is about to happen.

I feel for the poor unsuspecting soul who gets to attempt it on me. They don’t know how bad my freak-out sessions can really be. Even I hadn’t realized how bad my freak-out sessions can be…

Aside from that, though, I think the class shall be smashing fun and be hugely helpful and informative.

I made a to-do list of things I needed to get done before leaving on Sunday:

  • clean room
  • read entire textbook
  • forward emails
  • get email inbox all the way to empty (currently at 119)
  • figure out who is going to run my bookstore while I’m gone
  • work duty assignments and table assignments for students while I’m gone
  • banking

There were a few other things I added to the list here and there, but . . . as time went on, it dawned on me that something Very Important was lacking from the list.

The whole packing-before-a-trip thing had totally eluded me. It honestly did not even cross my mind. So. Three more things are now added to my list:

  • laundry
  • find suitcase
  • pack

I would also love to do some write-ahead blog posts that can be posted automatically in my two week absence (because I have *cough* so many readers who would miss me while I’m gone), but I highly doubt that will happen.

And now, I am off to clean my room. Someone stop me from procrastinating. Last time I had a huge amount of stuff I had to do in a short amount of time, I decided that it would be a perfect time to take on the project of rearranging and redecorating my room. Someone, please save me from myself.


5 thoughts on “Of nose tubes and to-do lists

  1. Awe, Gracie! I’m soooo excited for you! It’s going to be incredible, and God is going to stretch and grow you in so many unfathomable ways!
    If I lived there I’d totally do everything for you while you were gone! Sad day…
    You’ll have to call me as soon as you get home and tell me ALL about it… including your freak out!
    Love you, dear!

  2. Sure would’ve been fun to be a fly on the wall when someone tried to stick a tube down your nose!

    That’s so neat that you’re actually going to do that missionary training thingy. You’ll have to let me know what it’s like!

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