Late night ramblings

And she’s off.

It is 10:47pm and I am finally most of the way packed.

I am scheduled to be driving out of my driveway in a little over 5 hours.

I got most of my to-do lists done! (Except for the cleaning the room part . . . but even Mom agreed that that took a lower priority than some other stuff.)

Be looking for blog posts . . . I actually managed to find the inspiration which couldn’t be ignored and there are four posts in the queue which will be posted automatically on specific days while I’m gone. I’m so intrigued by this whole automatic write-ahead posts. I think it’s grand fun to be able to do!

A very very large centipede just crawled out from under my bed. *cue whimpering* I killed it.

This past week I was out cold with a fever. I came as close to fainting during prayer at lunch as one can come to fainting without actually going down. I had a killer sore throat, and my eyes wouldn’t quit watering.

Earlier today I had no voice. I was on the verge of getting a bad cough–I could feel it in my lungs. I was sniffling as if my cat had died. My head was one big fog cloud, I felt on the verge of fainting, and my ears and sinuses were headed well on their way toward infections.

Right now I am breathing like a perfectly normal human being, I am fully cognizant in the cranial regions, my ears are working as proper ears should work, my nasal canals are working as proper nasal canals should be working, and there is no sign of infection. My voice is still slightly raspy and not working quite right, but . . . as Dad said, that’s probably more of a relief to those around me than anything else. (Thanks, Dad…I can feel the love.)

All that to say: MY GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!

Thank You, Jesus!

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