My Sister

I’m just going to preface this post with the fact that you all should be jealous. Veeeewy jealous.

And, with that out of the way, let me begin.

I have an awesome big older sister. Seriously, I just look at her and her life, and am amazed.

My sister is expecting her 8th child. What? You didn’t catch that? Let me repeat. My sister is expecting her 8th child. Yes. And her oldest child is . . . 8. Her house is peaceful and sweet. No, that does not mean that it is always quiet–she has 5 little boys, and the oldest boy is 6–her house is definitely not quiet. But it always strikes me when I walk into her house, that her house is peaceful. I’m not sure how she does it. There is always laundry hanging around, toys on the floor, books strewn on the couch, sewing projects in the recliner, diapers on the stairs, dollies stuck upside down in the dirty laundry piles, and dishes to be done. But . . .

. . . there are children learning to read and being excited to learn about the world they live in, there are girlies who are learning to sew, there is a mom who is doing her own cross-stitch project right along with the girls (her’s says “Pray Without Ceasing” . . . how very apt. ;) ), there is always fresh bread in the bread maker, there are little boys outside finding out what it means to be a boy, there is music playing in the background. There is peace and beauty.

My sister is an amazing woman.

The joy she finds in the little things in life . . . the love she pours out to her children . . . the sweet spark in her eyes when she sees her husband . . . her laughter . . . her failures to make the perfect loaf of french bread . . . her love of house-plants . . . her extreme desire to own a cow . . . her willingness to learn how to shoot a rattlesnake . . . her 15 passenger van she goes toddling around town in full of car-seats . . . the adventures she has in home-schooling her children . . . the ingenuity it takes to live on a budget the size of theirs . . . the projects she does with her children . . . the sheer joy she finds in snuggling a baby . . . the cast-iron skillets she has hanging on her dining room wall against a backdrop of sweet french-style wall paper . . . the fruit of the Spirit she painted over the doors in her house . . . her desire to see the truth of God imparted into the hearts of her children . . . her desire to adopt . . . her love of making up new words . . . the random phone calls we have with each other throughout the week . . . her experiments . . . her love of life.

I love you, Jani, and I’m so glad you’re my big sister. (Even though I was a brat and you were bossy when we were younger.)

(Also, as an aside, I intend to do more posts about my sister and my three brothers . . . the relationship I have with all my siblings is one of quick-wittedness, good-natured humor, hilarious inside jokes, and a jolly good time–mixed with some amazingly good conversations. This will probably come out in my posts about them. None of us have a sappy relationship with each other, so this post about my sister is probably the sweetest thing she’s heard out of me in a long time. ;) )

(As you are reading this post, I am out of town at MMI. My sister took this course ten years ago. She met her husband there.
No. Do not even start down that path of thinking. Stop those thoughts in their tracks.
The fact that my sister met her husband at this class 10 years ago has absolutely nothing to do with why I am now taking this same class. Honest.)

7 thoughts on “My Sister

  1. (And my expression was more like a sweet close-lipped smile than a toothful grin with eyebrows raised which the emoticon portrays. Mayhap I should get away from emoticons. But you just can’t see people’s faces in comments.)

  2. That was sweet, Grace. Thank you. I have to admit, tho, I am glad you didn’t say “her extreme desire to Have a cow.” And it wasn’t so much that you were a brat….it was just that you hated having your hair played with and that was one of the big reasons I wanted a little sister…to fix hair! I Love you, too!

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