Oh hi.

It’s been five whole days since I’ve written a blog entry. And it’s been several days longer than that since I’ve done an entry that contains something other than just pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I love pictures. Pictures speak volumes. But, it’s nice to have some words here and there, too.

What should I write about?

I can’t very easily write about my life right now, because it really can’t be put into words. I’ve tried.

So, I want to ask you, dear reader, who you are? What do you enjoy doing? How are you? What do you want to do most in your lifetime? What makes you who you are? Who has impacted you most in life? What is your favorite kind of tea? Do you enjoy sweet early mornings, or are you more buddy-buddy with the late nights? What makes you smile? What is God doing in your life? What is something you wish you could do, but are scared to actually take that step and do?

If you read my blog, I would absolutely love it if you would comment and answer just one of the questions above. I want to get to know you. And even if I already know you, I still want to hear from you. Let’s sit down and have a sweet chat…

9 thoughts on “You

  1. Dear Grace,
    I am doing REALLY well. So excited with all that God is teaching me – but you’ll have to go to my blog to read about it. ;0) I’m an early morning person, but I tend to “putter” at night and get to bed later than I would like to. :0) I enjoy studying the Bible, ready great books, and listening to great sermons. I would LOVE to come to Ellerslie, but I don’t think it’s something I’m scared to do . . . just waiting on the Lord. :0) What do I want most in my lifetime? To be counted among the “Mighties”, to be an “Etcetera”, to claim every ounce of the “promised land”, to know JESUS in everything I do! :0)
    Love reading your blog and catching tidbits, via fb, of what’s happening there at Ellerslie. So excited for all that God is doing! :0)

    1. Yay! Thank you for the comment. :) Comments make me ridiculously happy…

      Sounds like God truly has been at work in you! And, oh, you should at least come for a visit at Ellerslie sometime.. would love to meet you! And, I completely join you in the desire to a “mighty” and an “etcetera”. A…mighty etcetera, perhaps? ;)

      And yes, God has been mightily at work here at Ellerslie, too. And the KIDDOS ARE HERE! :D

      1. Comments make me very happy too. :)

        A mighty etcetera – I like! :D

        And trust me, if/when God opens the door . . . I’ll BE there! :) But right now it looks like He might be wanting me involved with human trafficking, locally. Life is SUCH an adventure when you serve the King!

  2. Grace…
    Well, since you have commanded your readers to talk, I shall obey :)
    Not sure if you remember me from the Taste Of Ellerslie Weekend… I’m the blond who flew in from TX :D. And I had a most amazing time at the conference. I am still basking in the Truths that were revealed to me.

    Lets see, which question(s) will I answer…
    Christ, my Lord and Savior is what makes me who I am. While I fail time and time again, it is Him who I live for. I desire that in each thing I do, both great and small, I will glorify and bring honor to my King.
    While I have an amazing life right now, and am blessed with many opportunities to share the Gospel, I feel God pushing me to leave my easy life to serve Him alone. So, as a step in that direction, I am pursuing Ellerslie again. I say again because I came very very close to sending in my application last year for the first semester this summer. To make a long story short, as hard as it was, it was most definitely not the step I was to take then. But I am thrilled beyond words to be pursuing and praying about Ellerslie next summer.
    What makes me smile? Lovely scarves worn year round, steaming hot chia and true worship to God….

    Well, it was most lovely “talking” to you, and also want to let you know I greatly enjoy your blog. It is inspring me to start my own!

    May your day be filled with the fingerprints of God!

    1. Ah, Lydia! Of course I remember you. :) And, aww, I don’t think I even knew you read my blog…I like finding out about new readers, but it’s somewhat humbling to know that my writing is being read. Yes, yes, I know…what better thing to have done with one’s writing than to have it read, but…oh, nevermind. ;)

      Thank you for your wonderful comment!

      Oh, I’m thrilled that you’re considering Ellerslie for next summer…how nice it would be to have you here and be able to get to know you better!

      Scarves are the best. Hot chai is also the best. And worshipping God trumps everything. :)

      Thanks for humoring me and having a “chat” with me. :D

  3. Dear Grace,

    What an invitation. :) It’s kinda funny to comment and talk about myself, but I’ll attempt to answer some of your questions. However, I love words and love writing, so I fear this could get long. . .

    I’m Ruth Ann, a child of God, and want to live my life for Him. I want to be a thankful person. I enjoy photography and capturing life – that makes me happy. As for *how* I am, right now I’m sick. But I’m better than I deserve, regardless of some heartaches in life, so I’m thankful. My greatest desire is to be a wife & mother – but wait. I DO want to do that, don’t get me wrong. But above that, even if that never happens, I want to be a faithful follower of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. A lot of people have impacted my life – my mommy, my family, close friends and brothers & sisters in Christ. Amy Carmichael, Elisabeth Elliot, Eric & Leslie Ludy, Hudson Taylor and many more faithful heroes of the faith. I love raspberry zinger tea, and wish I could have some right now for my sore throat, but we don’t have any. :( I’d love to enjoy a sweet early morning, but they are not typically my friend – I’m such a night owl. :( I need to work on making early mornings my friend. :) Lots of things make me smile – beauty, whispers from God, hugs from my sister, messages from friends, blue skies and green leaves. *sigh* God is so good to me. Hmm. God is doing lots of things in my life — like continuing to teach me about thankfulness & contentment. I just wish I were all He wants me to be! I’m not really sure of things that I’m scared to do… I know they’re there. There are definitely plenty of things I’d like to do but just haven’t been made possible right now. I want to travel and want to visit Ellerslie – was actually going to come this past September for the weekend but it didn’t work out, so I’m anxiously looking forward to when that might could happen again, hoping God will work all the details out!

    Wow, I told you it was going to be long….

    Grace, I appreciate you. Your blog is a beautiful retreat for me. Thanks for being a vessel of the Lord. I love you and your dedication to our Lord.

    Ruth Ann

    1. Sweet Ruth Ann…thank you so much for your comment. I loved reading and getting to have just a little bit more of a glimpse into who you are! :)

      We sound exceptionally similar, really. Except for the raspberry zinger tea–I do not love raspberry zinger tea. ;)

      I remember that you were going to attend the conference this past September…I still wish that could have worked out! But, God knows…and if He desires that you come visit, the details WILL be worked out more perfectly than you could imagine.

      And thank you for your encouragement…I pray that my writing (and, thusly, my blog) will be used for HIS glory alone and that it would spur others on to seek Him more fully, to desire Him more deeply, and to love Him more passionately. I so long for all that I say and do to bring Him glory!

  4. Grace,
    The polka dot backround on your blog makes me smile. :) I spend most of my time either a) doing homework or b) watching TV or c) on the computer. Not very healthy, is it? Oh, and I discovered a Celestial Seasonings tea that I LOVE–sweet coconut chai. Yum!

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