My Heart Has Been Stolen

There is a door on this campus that holds great allure for me. It is a fairly normal looking sort of a door–dark forest green, metal, with a few scratches on the outside–just like every other door on this campus. But there is something special about this door…I get excited when I look at it.

If I were to go poke my head in this door right now I would see 13 pairs of shoes lined against one wall. I would see 13 scarves and hats hanging on the hat rack. I would see 13 water bottles lined up on the counter. If I went upstairs I would see a sweet book-nook filled with colorful pillows, blankets, chairs, beautiful kiddo art on the wall, and, best of all, an entire bookshelf full of sweet books for children.

There are 13 little Haitian children on our campus right now, and these sweet ones have completely stolen my heart. I have no intention of ever getting it back.

When the children arrived on Monday, it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed. I loved them instantly with a depth I honestly didn’t expect–and I was expecting to completely adore them. These sweet kiddos have shown me Christ in a whole new way. I know that sounds so cliché, but…truly, all I could think about was that I was seeing a glimpse of my Jesus standing right in front of me. There is such an innocence…a passion for Christ…humility…love…joy…gratefulness…trust. I look at these children and I see something absolutely precious. These children are beautiful and they are loved. Oh, how they are loved! And, above all the love that we can give them, how much more does their Father in heaven love them? I love to think on that!

Even in just the few days since these children first stepped foot into my life and ravished my heart, God has been using them to build a deeper love and passion in me for the world around me–specifically those in the world who are destitute, despised, forsaken, unloved…the “least of these”. One of the boys prayed to close our welcoming ceremony on Monday night. He prayed in Creole, and I couldn’t understand the actual words he was saying, but his passion and love for the Lord was so very evident–and he was full of pure adoration and childlike faith. Tears fell heavy from my eyes as I listened to this 11-year-old boy pour out his heart in love to his King…and as I watched him, tears began to fall from his eyes, too. I found out later that he was praying for all the children who are still out there in the world, unloved and uncared-for, who have not been given the love and care that he has been granted. It broke my heart at a whole new level. This boy used to be one of those children. Desperate and unloved. He understands at a level that I never can; he has a heart for those less fortunate in the world that surpasses what I and most of those around me could ever truly grasp. As I listened to his heart, though I could not understand the words, I was moved beyond words. I saw a glimpse of God’s heart beating in the life of a child.

My life changed on Monday. I never want to lose what God has shown me in these past few days…the passion He has given me through these children…the desire to truly have the faith of a child…the joy…the adoration of my Saviour…the heart-break.

I love you, sweet kiddos. I love you so much.

Thank You, Jesus, for the honor I have in knowing, loving, and serving these children. How humbling it is to look into the face of a child and know that there is so much I could learn from them–open my heart to this, Lord! How thankful I am for the privilege of being Your hands and feet in this world no matter where I’m at! Take my life and let it be consecrated, Lord, to Thee.

4 thoughts on “My Heart Has Been Stolen

  1. Grace… I love those kids so much. Give them lots of extra love for me. I hope so deeply that they are there when I come to visit in December. I really want to see them!

    Which boy was praying?

    Love you, love them, love Him,
    <3 Leah

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