Finding Beauty

What are you thankful for today? I know everyone asks that during this time of year, but . . . I truly want to know what you are thankful for–think of something out of the ordinary, perhaps.

Today, I am grateful for the beautiful things in my life. I’ve realized that I haven’t had a true perception of beauty, though. When one looks through only the physical eyes, beauty means one thing. But, when making use of the spiritual eyes, beauty takes on a whole new meaning.

I see beauty in that which drives me to the feet of my Jesus. And this means that I find beauty in many different aspects of life.

An early morning sunrise when the fog is down low over the fields and the bursts of light are glistening off the dew-drenched branches peeking up out of the fog. I cannot gaze on such beauty without wanting to drop all of the worldly cares we must deal with and simply bask in the light of my Saviour.

My parents, my fellow staff members, the students I have the privilege of working with, and my few closest friends–I am in awe of the caliber of people I am surrounded by every single day. I have the honor of gazing each day on the face of God in those around me. I am daily convicted, inspired, challenged, and spurred onto seeking HIM with a greater passion, and pursuing an ever more intimate relationship with Him. This is beautiful.

Snowflakes falling. Slowly. Quietly. The world grows quiet in the cold winter night as the snow falls, sprinkling the light of a nearby street lamp with flickers of white. I absolutely love nights like this one–I feel the presence of God so closely around me as the cold and snow drives me indoors to sit by a window, gazing outside, curled in my down comforter to talk with the Creator of this beauty.

Pain. The physical pain I have had for the past few years seems a strange thing to be thankful for or find beauty in. But God has brought me to a place where I can honestly say that I am thankful for it, and I do find beauty in the midst of pain. Being in pain has driven me to the feet of my King with the knowledge that I cannot make it through even one day without His strength. To me, this utter need for my God is beautiful.

The opportunity and command to share about my Jesus, invest in, and wash the feet of those around me. I am and have nothing . . . it is Christ in me who strengthens, guides, gives clarity, and has full access to use my lips to speak His words, use my feet to take His gospel to the world, use my hands to serve and bring Him glory. When I realize this is what God has called me to, I am humbled beyond words. I can do nothing but fall on my knees before Him and say “I am weak . . . be my Strength!” That which drives me to my knees before the King, makes me see my own unworthiness, and know that I am nothing apart from Him is beautiful, and I am forever thankful for those things which drive me to utter dependency on God!

These are just a few aspects of life in which I find utter beauty and, in response, I cling ever tighter to my Saviour. Words cannot express how thankful I am . . .

2 thoughts on “Finding Beauty

  1. I am thankful for blogs by Grace. They make me happy. I like Grace.

    The other day I discovered I could be thankful over razor burn that leaves little blood speckles on my legs, thankful, because people still love me whether my legs are hairy or smooth or razor burnt. Thankful, because it’s an opportunity to be thankful instead of annoyed, which is cool.

    I’m also thankful for food, and right now my stomach and yelling at me that I should go eat some.

    Oh yeah. And “wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings” are definitely a favorite thing for me, too, that time I experienced them.

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