Oh, what a Jesus!

My heart is pretty much too full to write anything. I know that doesn’t make sense because if one’s heart is full, wouldn’t you expect that writing would come easier because the fullness of the heart needs to spill out? Yes, I’d think that, too. But, alas…it is not so.

Anyway. I’d leave this post at just that, but…this is my 100th post on this blog. So, I need to write something at least a little more substantial than the above paragraph.

Bullets it is:

  • Tomorrow is the graduation for the 2nd semester of Ellerslie. It’s such a bitter-sweet thing. Mostly sweet, really, but there’s the realization that all these dear sweet kindred spirits I have grown so close to over the past 9-10 weeks are leaving. But! there’s an exhilarating thrill in realizing that a whole group of souls who are passionate for the truth, dearly in love with the Lord, and willing to do whatever it takes to tell the world of the good news are headed out into the world to shine as lights in the midst of darkness. Ah, I get chills just thinking about it. What a beautiful picture it is!
  • Be jealous. I have a date tomorrow morning with two rambunctious personality-filled toddlers (1 and 1/2 years old and 2 years old). I’m going to pick them up from their house and we’re going to go paint the town red together for two fun-packed hours. Like I said, be jealous.
  • I had a wonderful hour two days ago sitting out at the picnic table with a sweet little 6 year old Haitian girl who is quickly worming her way into the deepest part of my heart. We discussed all manner of things–where I was born, jump-roping, her “aunties”, my brothers, what grade she’s in in school, what Haiti smells like, singing, “Grandma and Grandpa”, soccer, why I think she’s funny, lunch, dirty faces, cameras, where I live, whether or not I have a room all to myself, and how different her hair is from mine. I love that girl so much.
  • One of my favorite people is leaving. For thee weeks. I don’t see how on earth she even thought this was ok, but who am I to make her feel guilty about it? I shall just sit here in my room and stare out my window listlessly, pining away, shriveling up into nothingness…and it shall all be her fault. But, like I said, who am I to cast guilt? I shall suck in my Sad Lip and take the high-road, yes I shall. (I joke. Not about the fact that I shall miss her dreadfully, but…the staring out the window listlessly part was a joke–I don’t see how people do that, anyway…when I look out my window I get excited. The “listless” part never really makes it into the picture. The shriveling up part was a joke, too. I only dream of shriveling up…oh, what a day that will be! I’ve never experienced that before. I, um, generally flourish as opposed to shriveling. Again…the shriveling part never really works for me–even when I try dieting. Sigh. Anyway, though….) Love you, Sweet-Girl-Who-I-Am-Blessed-To-Call-My-Friend-And-Sister! (you know who you are.) I shall miss you dreadfully.
  • I’m so excited about some things the Lord is orchestrating. Oh, I wish I could only tell you of them–but I can’t yet. It’s not something I can even fully grasp yet, but even the slight glimpse I’ve seen has taken my breath away completely. This is why my heart is so full tonight. This is what I don’t even know how to write about. But I know this: I serve an awesome God. A God who is deserving of my completely surrendered life. A God who is utterly trustworthy. A God who loves. A God who saves. A God who completes what He has begun. A God who is “Rapha”–Healer. A God who knows the details. A God who equips. A God whose lovingkindness is better than life. A God with a right hand of power. A God who scatters the enemies. A God of salvation. A God who will not despise a broken and contrite heart. A God who sits upon the throne of His holiness. A God who is greatly to be praised. A God who is a refuge and strength. A God who is forever and ever. A God who is our help and shield. A God who is good and upright. A God who is our Father. A God who is deserving of praise, honor, adoration, glory, worship. A God who is our Shepherd. A God who leads. A God hears and listens. A God who is a rock. A God of purity. A God of deliverance. A God whose name is excellent in all the earth. A God who does not take pleasure in wickedness. A God in whom no evil dwells. A God who has set apart those who are godly for Himself. A God who is good, plenteous in mercy, and ready to forgive. Oh, what a Jesus!

(This is one of the first times I’ve written a blog post with music playing in the background. Usually I have to have silence around me when I’m writing blog posts–which is weird, because when I’m writing a book, I must have music playing. Anyway…do you suggest I try writing more blog posts with music?)

4 thoughts on “Oh, what a Jesus!

  1. I love this post Grace! so beautiful. :) thanks for sharing, and I look forward to hearing more of what God is doing in your life, but it was encouraging to hear what you already did share! May God continue to shower grace upon your life! ;)

  2. This is so fantastic to read and know exactly what you are talking about! Bittersweet is exactly right but Jesus is dark-chocolate-rich! I miss you and that 2-year-old too…

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