One Year

A year and two days ago I was hugging my family and friends goodbye in the Denver airport.

One year ago today, I had flown across the ocean, spent 12 hours in Germany, and was now landing in Uganda.

I took a deep breath as the wheels touched down on the runway.

I was in Africa.


I still, a year later, haven’t yet found words to describe the emotions that were going on inside of me. The emotions that are still running rampant in my heart.

God gave me a lot that day.

A burden in my heart.


A depth of love that I had never experienced for people I didn’t even know.


A true peace, even in the face of huge “unknowns”.


Glimpses of joy in the face of desperation, poverty, and desertion.


Visions of God’s heart that I still haven’t yet comprehended.


A deeper desire to know my God.


The reality of what it would truly mean to spill ones life for the glory of God.


And lots and lots of memories that are still working in my heart and life to draw me ever closer to God.


(as an aside: I’m not allowed to post direct pictures of the kids that I worked with while in Africa, but, believe me, if I was, you’d be completely inundated. Completely. Inundated.)

3 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Grace, these pictures melted my heart. Thank you for sharing you journey. My sister went to Africa a few years ago and her thoughts and pictures are so very similar to yours. I so desire to serve in a foreign country but the time has not yet come. When God calls me I will be ever so ready!

    I am not sure if you have heard…. but I am coming to Ellerslie this summer!! Oh I am filled with such incredible joy, excitement and expectancy. God has so clearly directed the steps to Ellerslie, I can not wait to see all He has in store for me this summer.
    And I look forward to meeting you again :D!

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