Thursday Evening at The Local Coffee Shop

It’s Thursday evening and I’m at a local coffee shop spending some time studying. As I survey the folks around me at the coffee shop, I can’t help but stop and write about them.

Next to me is a sweet middle aged couple who are desperately in love with each other. Apparently he’s been off on a business trip this whole week and just returned earlier today. How sweet is it that they’re currently sitting in a coffee shop gazing into each others eyes and telling stories of their week apart?

Across the way, over to my right, is a group of young guys–most of which have strong British accents. And loud voices. So long as they have British accents, I don’t mind the loud voices. The one guy, the loudest one, recently read a book. This, apparently, is a Big Deal.

Directly in front of me, a few tables away, is a classy young guy with an iPad. My guess is that he’s waiting for a date–he looks nervous, he’s got a book with a flower in it (!!), and he’s dressed far too nice to have just come with the intention of hanging with his iPad. He just ordered some hot cocoa.

To my left is a photographer having a business meeting with a client about a new baby shoot. Judging from appearances, that new baby shoot is bound to happen any day now. Any minute, even.

Further to my left is a table with two young guys having a Bible Study together.

And waaaay on the other side of the room is a table with three girls studying for their standard Friday quiz. Apparently their teacher is ruthless with those things. From the looks of it, they’re going to run their highlighters dry any moment…

I like coffee shops.

10 thoughts on “Thursday Evening at The Local Coffee Shop

  1. I just love you, Grace! You are a girl after my own heart – people watching in coffee shops (well, really anywhere!) is a favorite past time of mine. :)

    1. Yay! I love people-watching. That’s why 12 hours in the Germany airport didn’t faze me all *that* much. It was a long time, but it took me 5 of those hours to find the McDonalds in the airport–and I was hungry and didn’t want to go into one of the dimly lit pubs along the long corridors.

      Anyway. All that to say, people-watching was fuuun there. :)

      Aww….and now there are two girls around my age who came in and set up their knitting. They’re gabbing away and being adorable about it. I should go meet them. Oh, I just overheard their conversation and they’re discussing dinosaurs. No lie.

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