Today, I am excited. It’s a beautiful day, and I have caught a glimpse of my Jesus! This is true cause for excitement. And, as a result of this glimpse of a wonderful God, I cannot keep silent. When one has not beheld the glory, awe, and majesty . . . it’s easy to not talk about it–there’s not even a realization that there’s anything to talk about!

I ran into an old co-worker of mine the other day. We struck up a conversation and it wasn’t long before I said something that made them stop and say “Wait a minute, wait . . . you’re a Christian?”

“Why, yes, I am . . . ” Not sure where this was going.

“Huh . . . were you a Christian when we worked together?”


“Well, that’s cool. I’d never have known it . . .”

We continued chatting for a few minutes, and then parted ways. What they had said stuck with me. How could I work day in and day out with someone and they not even know I followed Jesus? At that time, I had a nominal sort of Christian walk, and had not glimpsed the majesty of my God . . . and thus, I didn’t talk about it much. I was not overflowing with adoration for my King–wanting to tell everyone I knew.

And yet, now, having come into personal relationship with my Jesus, and having beheld His glory–I hadn’t talked to this co-worker for more than 1 minute by the time they realized I was a disciple of Christ. I can’t keep silent!

You know how when you see a really beautiful sunset, you quickly run to tell everyone to “come see it, quick!”? That’s me today. I have beheld the majesty of my King, and I’m going to share that with you.

Let’s catch a glimpse of this Jesus together! All of these attributes of God are straight out of the Bible–so, if you truly believe that the Bible is true, then you have a beautiful glimpse of God every time you read His Word.

We serve an awesome God.

A God who is deserving of our completely surrendered lives. A God who is utterly trustworthy. A God who loves. A God who saves. A God who completes what He has begun. A God who is “Rapha”–Healer. A God who knows the details. A God who equips. A God whose lovingkindness is better than life. A God with a right hand of power. A God who scatters the enemies. A God of salvation. A God who will not despise a broken and contrite heart. A God who sits upon the throne of His holiness. A God who is greatly to be praised. A God who is a refuge and strength. A God who is forever and ever. A God who is our help and shield. A God who is good and upright. A God who is our Father. A God who is deserving of praise, honor, adoration, glory, worship. A God who is our Shepherd. A God who leads. A God hears and listens. A God who is a rock. A God of purity. A God of deliverance. A God whose name is excellent in all the earth. A God who does not take pleasure in wickedness. A God in whom no evil dwells. A God who has set apart those who are godly for Himself. A God who is good, plenteous in mercy, and ready to forgive. A God who commands His lovingkindness in the day time. A God who redeems. A God who forgives. A God of strength. A God who is an ever present help in times of trouble. A God who is forever and ever. A God who is a guide even unto death. A God whose goodness endures continually. A God who listens. A God who delivers. A God who is a shield. A God who is a strong tower against the enemy. A God who is our witness. A God of power. A God who is incorruptible. A God who cannot lie. A God who is clothes in majesty. A God who chastens. A God who teaches. A God who will not cast off His people.  A God who is near unto those with a broken heart. A God who redeems the soul of his servants. A God who delights in His people. A God who is with us in all things. A God who fights for us. A God who makes our way perfect. A God that is greater than man. A God of glory and strength. A God who is unlike any other. A God who gives grace and glory. A God who is greatly to be feared. A God whose every word is pure. A God that is true. A God who grants eternal life. A God whose weakness is stronger than man. A God who dwells in us. A God who is the author of peace. A God whose Word cannot be bound. A God who is not ashamed to be called our God. A God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. A God who is rich in mercy. A God who has given us His Holy Spirit. A God whose law is perfect. A God whose judgements are righteous and true altogether. A God who delights in His people. A God who saves the afflicted people. A God that makes our way perfect. A God who teaches our hands to war. A God who is alive! A God who is exalted as head over all. A God who is a consuming fire.

It makes me want to shout hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!
Lord, You’re worthy of all the glory, and all the honor, and all the praise!
Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!

2 thoughts on “Today:

  1. The only responses I ever get seem to involve a man:

    “You would be so perfect for him! But…the only drawback, really, is…well, I know you go to church. And he’s more spiritual than religious, you see, so I don’t know how he’d feel about the fact that you go to church.” (pretty much my favorite ever. haha)

    “You know, I really think you should meet my son. He’s a really great Christian guy. He might be a little old for you, though. But he’s a good Christian and I think he’d like you a lot.” (turns out he’s in his late-forties)

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