Tuesday Evening at The Local Coffee Shop

Welcome to another installment in what appears to be turning into the Coffee Shop Series!

It is Tuesday night, and I’m here again at one of my favorite local places to come away to alone. (On a related note, one of my very favorite places closed this past week–it was the only place where I actually liked their chai! I wept inside.) I have my Mac, my journal and Bible, and a beautiful (decaf!) latte. I’m sitting at a darling little table-for-one which has a darling little lamp on it. I keep poking at the lamp because it’s so cute. I’ve noticed I’ve recently become obsessed with poking things that I really like–watch out.

Tonight there are two competent young fellows behind the counter and they’ve been discussing the perks of the new rags the manager bought, how long it’s been since “Monica” has come in, and dude, did you see that article in the such-and-such magazine that just came out? Dude, I so want to try that!

There are, again, several girls who have met together to cram for the exams they have this week in college. Methinks, though, from what I’ve heard rippling across the coffee shop, that there is much more gossip and giggling happening than study. Oh, wait . . . now they’re rehearsing lines for their oral quiz on British History–they are studying!

A sweet young couple sits to my left, and they are deeply engaged in a game of Yahtzee. He seems to be winning, as he just pumped his arm in the air and hollered “YEAH!!! 15 points! Take THAT!” She hid her face in her hands and groaned good-naturedly.

A little further to my left is a young gent. He, apparently, is freezing. He’s sitting alone, so I haven’t been able to pick up on any details through overhearing conversations (I really don’t eavesdrop that much . . . this is just a really open building in which sound carries easily. Honest!) but he keeps rubbing his hands and arms vigorously. Maybe he’s got a fever. Poor chappy.

There’s another young man on the couch across the room from me who is deeply engrossed in an ancient-looking veritable tome. How often does one see someone of that age in this day and culture voluntarily pouring over an ancient manuscript with the most enthralled look on his face? He only tears his eyes away from the page to take a sip of his syrupy latte–this is how I assume that his perusal of this book is voluntary. He doesn’t appear to be being forced in any way!

I was going to say I thought that was it tonight, but I my little eye just spied another fellow hidden over in the corner. This chap has large headphones on–none of those little ear-buds for him! He’s rocking back on the legs of his chair, and is bobbing his head in time with the music. His books lay open in front of him–oh, wait . . . now that I look, it appears that he’s studying his Bible!

Oh, update! Young Yahtzee Playing Couple is now deeply engaged in a game of Go-Fish.

One thought on “Tuesday Evening at The Local Coffee Shop

  1. I love your “coffee shop” people watching posts Grace! You most definitely have a way of words when describing these people. I dont spend much time at coffee shops but when I do people watching is my favorite. Often it’s so fun that I dont get much accomplished there that I had planned on!
    I can not believe I will be at Ellerslie in just about 3 months…. Oh my heart is filled with such excitement! I am so greatly anticipating this summer of studying my King, growing alongside other dear believers, and dying more every day so that I can live more fully for Him! And oh how glad I am that I will get to see you again and you will be apart of my summer. Until then, I look forward to more blog posts :D

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