I Am Just A Simple Girl

I’m just a simple girl who lives a simple life.

I love this simple life, and wouldn’t have it any other way because this is the life that God has called me to at this very time in my life.

Jesus, teach me to have a childlike faith. Open my eyes as I dig deeper into Your word–I pray that I would take Your truths and promises and accept them as FACT in my life as a child would. Here’s my heart, oh Father, take it–make and keep it all Your own! Let Your Spirit melt and break it. Jesus, make me pure and lowly; fond of peace and far from strife! Turning from the unholy ways of this vain and sinful life.

Take this simple life–I offer it to You without reserve.

One thought on “I Am Just A Simple Girl

  1. I *love* the picture you used in your post. :) so gorgeous & simple. And yes, this is a beautiful post. Thank you.

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