Tuesday Evening at The Local Coffee Shop – #3

It’s that time of week again!

The only parking spot I could find this evening that was even remotely close to the coffee shop was still a fair distance away. I took the parallel-parking challenge and squeezed Louis into a spot just his size.

As I walked through the sweet little downtown area toward the coffee shop, I could look out across to the west and see the sun just then slipping below the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. The steeple of a nearby church was etched into the sunset, and its bell was tolling the hour. An elderly man was on the steps of a nearby sandwich shop and he tipped his hat at me. It was a moment of serene beauty.

Anyway–that was all pretty irrelevant to tonight’s post, but I still wanted to write it out.

Tonight I tucked myself away into the most remote part of the coffee shop (my usual table was taken). Don’t get the wrong idea, though–nothing about this coffee shop is remote, so I’m still pretty much right in the thick of things.

Right near me there was a whole table of people who were of all ages, all walks of life, all sizes–various people joined and left the group during the time I was here. I never could really figure out what the binding factor was between them all, but they seemed to be a jolly crowd. Some were studying; some read comics out loud; one seemed to be here only for the company.

There are currently three young gents at a table smack-dab in the middle of the room. One is studying. One is looking at flash cards. The other is eating cheerios. Yes.

There are three ladies just beyond them who have taken up residence in the corner with the cute little antique chairs. They each have a craft project–one is smocking an adorable skirt! I want to go join them.

Two elderly chappies with ball-caps are having a good chat over some Dr. Pepper at a table near the bar. One has his guitar . . . and he’s wearing a shockingly pink jacket. The funny part is that it looks like he totally should be wearing a shockingly pink jacket–somehow he wears it in such a way that there is absolutely nothing odd about it.

Um. The barista who gave me a free drink when I got here is hovering around my table “just looking at the painting on the wall….above your head. There.” Mhmm . . . as if he’s never had a chance to look at that painting before.

The other barista is sitting at a table with who appears to be his girlfriend. He’s singing along with the music–and he said he likes being at work because no one yells at him when he sings here. At home he’s banned from singing–“because it’s bad. Really. Did you hear me just now?” His girlfriend nodded . . . but added no comment. Wise girl.

Ah, Cheerio Lad just got up and showed his buddies a karate move. There’s a reason I like this coffee shop!


And, in the midst of all of this, I had a very sweet time with the Lord–studying His promises. My prayer is to be as a little child who accepts the words of a loving father as fact without a second thought. Oh, Jesus, I want to be that kind of child to You as my Father!

My challenge to myself right now is to study the Word of my God with the openness of heart and mind to accept everything I read as absolutely true–and to apply it to my life and live in such a way as if I truly believe it to be true. I do believe the Word of God is completely true and without fault . . . but, I’ll be the first to say that I don’t live that way–and it grieves me to realize this. This has been made clear to me time and time again. The fears I allow myself to give into are not acceptable in the life of one who believes the promises of God. The attitudes I allow myself to indulge in at times are not ones that a child of God would find acceptable in the light of the nature of God. The things I choose to spend my time on, the words I speak, the thoughts I have, my desires–these are things that are to be examined in the light of the Word of God.

Open my eyes, Jesus!

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