Things of the random variety.

(none of the photos are my own . . . no credit goes to me for these at all!)

My hair is approximately 5 inches shorter than it was yesterday. This was not what I expected when I walked into the hair salon. But I suppose this is the result of being cheap and going to the random hole-in-the-wall place up the street.

I’ve been loving yellow and gray together, birds, lots of white, brick walls, black and white pictures, my chiropractor, the prospect of living in a house again, my job, kiddo giggles, the CD of our dear Haitian choir, Brooke Frasier, instrumentals, quiet times with Jesus.

We’re almost done with the third semester of Ellerslie! It’s been an absolutely fantastic semester–what else could it be? We’ve been working on lots of graduation plans, and between that and the plans I’ve been working on for a conference the weekend after graduation–things have been crazy, hectic busy around here!

“I love you so much I want to squish you.”

I’m considering implementing some random ideas onto this blog–they’ve been tossing themselves around in my brain lately, and I’d love to start some more active things on here. Any ideas on things you’d like to see? More of something you’d like to see? Less of something you’d like to see?

We had the StanLand bonfire the other night–epic amounts of fun, as always. He came and picked us up on his tractor and took us all around the lake. We had sloppy-joes, s’mores, barn dancing (Virginia Reel!), and lots of fun and laughter and fellowship.

Did you know that a famous person wrote me a song and played it for me on his online TV show? He did. He and his brother played it for me. Unfortunately, I can’t get the archive of that particular episode to download. Weep. If I do, I shall definitely share it here!

I told you this was going to random. :)

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