I greatly desire your input.

 . . . something else entirely?

I’m ready for a new look on the blog, and I’d love your input!

And, on another note, if you’re looking at the veeeeery top of those screen caps and wondering what my desktop background is, well . . . I’m glad you asked. I’d love to show you. It makes me happy!

10 thoughts on “I greatly desire your input.

  1. I like the blue damask-y one that you have right now. :) Some of the others are too bright to look right with your foggy header.

    Epic background!!

    1. You commented! You’re my hero(ine). I yike comments. And yes, I think I like this background, too. Although I’m still not completely sold on the entire layout yet–I wish I was a rich and famous blogger who could hire someone to make one EEEEXacterly like she wanted. Oh wells.

  2. I actually really like the one you have up currently, too. Although that yellow one makes me happy. <3 I think I like that I can't wear yellow. Because otherwise I would wear it all the time and would get sick of it entirely too quickly. But as it is I can only admire and wish…and that makes me appreciate it all the more.


    1. I can’t wear yellow, either. But I really don’t care much anymore . . . which is why you will probably start to see me walking around in yellow things which will make my complexion look sallow and ill. But hey . .. . I’ll be wearing yellow and no one will even think about anything else! haha.

  3. Ok, this decision is not easy for me…. so I’m not sure how much of a help I will be to you!
    Every since you put this current background on I have loved it. But, I also adore the yellow. So bright and summery (which summer is oh so close…. which means… Ellerslie Summer Semester is getting oh so close!!! Wow, I’m overwhelmed with expectancy :).
    Anyways, but I agree the yellow doesn’t quite go with your header. Maybe you could make a new header??! Another favorite is the second from last, I really like the simple femininity of the color.
    But whatever your new look, I’m sure it’ll be great. Even if it’s the ‘Up” balloons ;-)

    1. I know. I’m in LOVE with yellow right now. Which is why I put it in the line-up….even if it IS too obnoxiously bright and cheery. I still like it. I think I’m going to try to decrease the saturation on it just a little, and then also perhaps see if I can find a different header image–although I love the one I have up. We’ll see. :)

      SO excited that you’re coming for the summer semester of Ellerslie! Thrilled to pieces. :D

  4. I really like the yellow one too! Yellow makes me so utterly happy as of late :)

    I would say… if you can find a new header image, that’d go delightfully, especially as we’re heading into spring and summer :) I love yellow :)

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