It’s graduation week here at Ellerslie!

Yes, we technically only have Graduation on one day–but I’ve noticed that the whole last week has a little bit different feel to it than the other weeks of a semester, so I have decided that this is due to it being “graduation week”.

I’m not going to go into detail and give anything away, since I know that there are future students that read this blog (hi, nice people! *waves*), so don’t go getting all excited.

But I will say that this last week of a semester has been one of growing closer, lots of laughter and tears, contests, falling on our faces before our King, victory shouts, singing (while writing in notebooks), impromptu drumming sessions on the dining room tables (while writing in notebooks), louder meals than usual, heightened excitement, family members showing up, packing, desperately hoping there’s no random room-checks during the packing process, remembrance sessions, “who can imitate Eric the best?” contests, prayer, tears, hugs, lots of planning, encouragement about the going-home process, and an ever-deepening passion for Jesus. Plus lots more.

Having the privilege of meeting each of the students from each semester as they come through, seeing them soften before the Lord, and give their lives whole-heartedly to the Master has been immensely impacting in my life. Thank you all for your willingness to allow your lives to be completely used by God–your willingness to being vulnerable to the hand of God in your life. Each of the students have impacted my life deeply and I am a different person for the way I have been able to see God in you. You push me on–higher up and deeper in!

What a beautiful thing to worship our Jesus together!

One thought on “Ellerslie

  1. I’m so glad you are not sharing *too* much about Ellerslie and all the wonderful sounding things. It makes me excitedly anticipate this summer even more (if that’s possible….) I shall be there living these things out soon enough!
    And the new blog look is wonderful. I love it, and I approve ;-)

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