Right now.

Right now:

  • I am across the room from an intense Foosball tournament.
  • I’m loving the cool air coming in from outside–it’s a gorgeous night tonight.
  • I’m sitting across the table from my dear Hannah-girl. She’s a kindred of the coolest sort. (Although it’s not THE Hannah-Girl.)
  • My knees are feeling the results of an afternoon of Ultimate Frisbee.
  • I am listening to the music in my head and wishing I could get it to come out in music form on the piano–rather than in the form of something that would make people’s ears fall off.
  • I am smelling the beautiful red roses I got from the winter/spring girls last night.
  • I am in disbelief that tomorrow is graduation!
  • And yet so very excited and expectant–God has it immaculately planned out, and I’m thrilled to see what happens!
  • I am looking at the faces around the room of the dear ones I’ve come to love so much during the past 9 weeks and getting a little ache-y at the fact that they’re leaving on Monday.
  • And yet, again, I’m so excited and expectant about it, too–bright lights being sent forth into the world to spread the good news (and oh! what GOOD news it is!).
  • My shoulders are happy about getting the best shoulder massage ever from my dear Rachel. Ohh…ouch.
  • I am intrigued.
  • I wouldn’t be upset if I had the option of going to the beach at this very moment. I wouldn’t be upset at all.
  • I am going to go to bed with a smile on my face because today was a good day–days filled with Jesus can’t be anything else!

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