Tuesday Evening At The Local Coffee Shop

Yes, it is indeed that time again.

It’s a little quiet in here tonight.

There are several people sitting by themselves at their own respective tables, studying, listening to music. One young fellow is sketching in his sketch book, and from the glimpses I’ve seen, he’s quite the artist.

There’s a young man huddled deep in his hoodie directly across from me. I’m not sure if he’s feverish, insecure, or just deeply attached to his hoodie.

There’s a homeless man who has been here for the past several Tuesday nights that I’ve been here, and today he’s deeply engrossed in reading a worn and tattered Bible he must’ve found somewhere. A bit ago he offered me one of his cans of chicken noodle soup.

To my left are three ladies who I assume are teachers–they’re grading papers that their students handed in. From the comments I’ve heard, none of them seem overly-impressed with the caliber of their students, unfortunately.

Across the room are three other young ladies doing an exhaustive study of the book of Ephesians–I’ve loved watching them dig into and pour over the Word of God. Not in the least bit fazed by some of the remarks and looks that they’ve gotten as others have walked by and seen them with their study books open. I kind of want to go join them.

And there is someone across the room who has been screened behind a large newspaper from the time I got in. Still haven’t gotten a good look at their face. Must be interesting new these days . . . .

And Mr. Barista Man is discussing the ins and outs of latte art. I kind of want to go join him, too, because I miss doing latte art! Maybe I’d get a free cup of coffee out of it . . . .

And the chappy nearby just got a new Twitter follower. He’s excited.

And now I’m off to finish up my conference prep.  I’d love it if you’d comment and let me know how you’re doing! :)

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Evening At The Local Coffee Shop

  1. ok, comment I will! :) I’ll take your suggestion. ;)

    how I’m doing? oh, oh, oh. is there time for sleep? my body is so exhausted by I have so much on my mind and that needs to be acomplished before the next 48 hours are up. *sigh*

    I’m working 10 hours tomorrow. then have an important phone call. then church right after.

    I’m in the midst of packing for my Colorado trip while trying to finish some assignments I need done for my phone call after work tomorrow. I’m staring at this daunting stack of boxes in my room that contains dreams…notecards I’ve made and am selling. I need to figure out some better way for storage – NOT in the middle of my room. It’s encroaching on me. Bed is quite inviting, as I’ve got to wake up in less than 7 hours for work. But I still have some things to finish, and rather wish all of the things would just dissolve so I can have peace of mind.

    Alas, I must run along. Lord willing I’ll see you Friday! I’m so excited! :) Now, if I can make it till then, and feel somewhat alive! ;)

  2. I am full of remembering this morning. A year ago today Chris turned my life upside down. God had been in the process of doing that for some weeks, though.
    Random other memories keep popping up though too. Things I see on your blog remind me.

    Latte art. Mmhmm. Fun days at Penguins. Winnie the Pooh Lattes. Roadkill latte art…

    Sitting on the floor in the guys dorm folding sheets.

    You in Africa, saying the thing you missed most was ice.

    My 21st birthday party. (snicker)

    The shoe kleenex you got me. (I think I’m down to 18 ish pairs now, jftr)

    Singing in Gunnison.

    Good times. :)
    Miss you!

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