Quirks? I have them. (Taken from the ellersliestudents.com blog)

– I think in color. I thought this was normal up until I was about 17 years old. And to a certain extent, perhaps it is normal–but definitely not to the extent that I do it. I have something called “synesthesia” and it’s an actual real-live documented condition. Everything in my world is a color or shade-of-gray: places, people, memories, music, numbers, names, books, stories, songs, laughs, circumstances, parts of town, the alphabet, personalities, etc. Also, another weird way my mind works–and another common “symptom” of synesthesia–is that days and months have personalities, genders, and specific hair-styles in my mind. (Mhmm . . . hair-styles.)

– When I eat colored candy, I separate them into colored piles and then eat the right amount to make each pile the same amount. And then I smile happily at them for a few moments, move them around into shapes, and then eat them. All. And if I’m driving in a car while eating M&Ms, I pull one out of the bag and eat it–but if I get to a green one, that means I have to stop eating M&Ms until the next time I’m in the car. This can be unfortunate when the first one I pull out is a green one–and I will admit that sometimes I go ahead and eat more even after the green one in that case . . . but then I feel all rebellious and guilty.

– I carry on conversations with the cars around me. Usually when people do this it’s when they’re annoyed at the driver, or something. I, though, carry on perfectly nice conversations with the actual cars around me–“Hey there, buddy, sure I’ll let you in–you’re such a Nice Green Car. Just a sec, that other car over there is acting like a lunatic–wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt! Ok, now you can move over. Whoa. I didn’t say you could slow down after you moved over in front of me–that wasn’t part of the deal. Here, this’ll fix it, let me just move around you real quick and that way–oh! hello Large Semi Truck, I didn’t expect to see you here. I guess I’ll just stay behind this slow green car, after all.” This is actually pretty typical.

– I name things. My first computer was Meredith, my second one was Felix. My phone’s name is Charles VI. My car’s name is Louis. I had a water bottle named Alex. And one named Mabel. Our vacuum is Jeeves (the previous one was named Myra-Belle).

– When sitting somewhere public (a restaurant, etc) I always have to sit with my back to as little of the establishment as possible. It drives me batty the whole time if I don’t have my back to a wall–and especially if I can’t easily see the main entrance door. I just like to be very aware of my surroundings, I suppose.

– Sometimes my brain just does not compute. For instance, about 80% of the time when I go to hold up my fingers while saying a certain number (“I said it FOUR times!” *holds up fingers*) . . . I hold up the wrong number of fingers. I always have to stop and count and make sure I have the right number going on. And when I’m trying to be all sneaky and speak out of one side of my mouth toward the person next to me (usually in a stage whisper), I end up talking out of the wrong side of my mouth. I always have to stop and ponder which side of my mouth I should be speaking out of–you’d think it’d be obvious with someone standing right next to me.

6 thoughts on “Quirkiness.

  1. I think I recall seeing a partial list like this from you a few years ago. Thanks for updating it and reposting it. I often talk to the vehicles around me too. But I must admit that I’m not generally as cordial as you seem to be. :)

  2. Haha I do so many of these things too!

    I practice speeches to people in my car….like my big tirades that I would like to say but never do! =D

  3. Wow. You are quite possibly the weirdest person of my acquaintance. And that makes you perfectly awesome. And now I misssssssssssssss you and I want to beeeeeeeeeeee with you and… and… I’m having withdrawals

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