Life in pictures.

Here’s a few glimpses of various things in my life from the past few weeks.

Some of the pictures are pretty crummy, but you’ll have to forgive me–these were all taken on my phone, and I don’t pretend to be an amazing photographer when I’ve got my phone camera pointed at something. ;)

I’ll start at the top left and go row by row:

1. Picnic with the niephlings! (nieces and nephews)
2. Darling Amy–she’s a little ham. And she has wormed her way into my heart in a very permanent way.
3. The sleeping beauty again–Miss Amy.
4. My nephew has an imagination–this is his airplane. I might add that he hadn’t realize that he was missing wings at this point, and he did improve his design later in the day.
5. Bedtime stories!
6. Mowing the lawn at Ellerslie provides lots of time for prayer and thinking–it’s one of my favorite jobs around here.
7. Abby and I made coffee cake (literally) one evening–and then made ourselves rather sick on it. We got Mom in on the fun, too, and made her sick on it, as well. ;)
8. Another shot of the coffee cake. If any of you make this recipe (which I do actually encourage you to do if you like coffee) you should try making it with a dark chocolate frosting instead of the actual coffee frosting. And then report back to me on the results. *nod*
9 and 10. His Little Feet farewell banquet night.
11. Girls’ Day Out with the girls of His Little Feet. We had a very fancy tea–with tea hats!
12. I braided Bex’s hair . . . in lots and lots of braids. I actually loved how it turned out–and I sure didn’t expect to when I started! I was mostly doing a spoof sort of hair-do on her, and well, it ended up being legitimate. ;)

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