In which I have no time to write a post, but do it anyway.

I’m in Idaho!

While I’m in Idaho, I’m staying at my cousin’s ranch! I keep myself preoccupied by pretending I’m Pioneer Woman and might run into Cowboy Josh or Pesky Tim at any moment. Only thing missing is Charlie. And Marlboro Man.

I have no cell phone service, and only intermittent internet connection.

We’re having a roast pig tomorrow, is the rumor around these parts. As in a complete roast pig. In the middle of the table. With an apple in its mouth. My uncle youtube’d how to cook it, so we’ll see what happens. ;) Google “luau pig” and you’ll see what we’re having, I’ve heard–I haven’t googled it myself, though, so I don’t know what you’ll find, really. Google at your own risk–it’s my motto.

I wrecked our riding lawn-mower the night before we left for Idaho. It’s ok now, though. My Dad glared in its general direction, and it fixed itself right up. ;)

In the house I’m staying in in Idaho (the one where I’m pretending to be Pioneer Woman) is also housing my parents, my brother, my sister and her husband, my brother and his wife, and 13 children under 10 years old. Mhmm. That’s just at night, though. During the day add in a set of grandparents, 7 cousins and their various spouses and children, and several sets of aunts and uncles. Full house.

I’m going to ride horses later.

One of my nieces (3) has a broken leg with a bright pink cast on it. Her brother (“an underaged bicycle rider”) ran over her leg. I cringe wildly every time it’s mentioned.

And, speaking of cringing wildly, if you’d like to see me go practically into convulsions, you have only to mention fleas, and I’ll convulse for you on demand. The fleas are rampant in Idaho right now, apparently, and I’m freaked out. I don’t freak out generally, but I’ve also never been around fleas–the very thought disgusts me to my core.

On another note, though, anyone who has a desire to see me go into convulsions and cringe wildly has issues and should probably get some therapy.

I’ll be back on the blog soon with a new in-the-works post . . . but at this point, this is all you get. :)


Last but not least:

Today is the LAST DAY to enter my giveaway for a free His Little Feet CD!

3 thoughts on “In which I have no time to write a post, but do it anyway.

  1. First of all, I LOVE this post.

    Secondly, I’m commenting!! See, I’m resolved to do better.

    Thirdly, I DIDN’T GET TO SAY GOODBYE TO YOU!!!!!!!!!

    Fourthly, I will not mention fl**s…however, remember that story L told about the nightmare house and the fl**s? It’s just one more step toward martyrdom, as E says.

    Fifthly, I need to read Pioneer Woman…do you have it? Oh, and Laddie. AND you are very missed.

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